Billy Bob sez, "The fat lady has sang, the show is over! If you want fudge this year, email us or go to The Mill. They will be the only source of our products!!" Limited flavors will be available all the time - other flavors will be made PER REQUEST!!

Christmas fudge will be available at The Mill (1101 Dover Rd). We will be offering LIMITED flavors in kits and ready to eat packages. If you have a SPECIAL request, please EMAIL us and we will have it available for pickup at The Mill.

You can also email us for special order Ooey-Gooey cakes or bulk fudge.

If you don't see something you know we carry, just email me and I'll get it to you!!

Tell us if your order is a gift and we will include a special Billy Bob note just for your friend.

Billy Bob says, "10 out of 9 lonely heart's club members agree - FUDGE is the solution to the problem."